Your backpack requires 25 items to return to school

Summer's running out, and your training is waiting, but are you ready to go back to school? Do you have everything? With Amazon's

Let' s do this. The validation list that you want to prepare

So you're not going to store your backpack in your backpack. However, this is a new year, and your backpack in the last semester may have made a decision about the beating because of a large number of textbooks, so the time has come to invest in

I can't function properly

If you have a scheduler, you can anticipate what you need to do and start earlier! Is there a two-week hiatus in which nothing is needed? Work during this time to get ahead. At the end of the semester, you don't let any of them be on you

If you're the same as me, you can even find pleasure in color code

I have a problem. I love notepads and buy more than I need. I'm glad I'm a man on the list. I'm making lists of cases, shopping lists, lists for my lists, but you get them. Laptops are not limited to mere notes. You don't even know how much they work until you need a pen and paper

Keep the paper and target sheets arranged in

If you have laptops, you obviously need something to write in them. I think

"But, Cristina, why do we need pencils?" One word: Scantron

It is a small piece of paper in which you filled out bubbles A, B, C, D, E, or F during several test cases. You can't use the pen on scantron, so don't forget to wear pencils. Programmes are likely to use these programmes for quiz, medium and final examinations

These small devices can back up your jobs, projects, essays, and notes so you never lose them! Make sure you have one

An effective tool for learning. If you make notes manually during the year, use

Also! I use markers as a clean way to check things outside my schedule, instead of strikethrough ... the selection has several uses

Where else would you like to keep your pens, pencils, and highlights? It's better if they're sorted in the same place so you don't lose everything you just bought

These days, almost every student is required

If you're going to use your laptop or your iPad through campus, please protect him! I've heard so many terrible stories about students who have moved their laptop to school (without a case), and they had a crack or a crack. It's not fun for everyone. Just get it in

You can go to the bookstore to buy books or order them

It's necessary. We live in Canada, people. When the temperature changes from drying to hot and then to the cold, we have to protect our lips. Shopping

As in your lips, your skin will tremor and dry during the winter months. Don't forget to save

It's for everyone who hasn't invested in

I always get cold, so I have

Sometimes we don't have time for breakfast, especially after pressing this button is more than necessary. Retain the snacks (i.e

Most campuses offer water filling stations. Find your own in the city and move it multiple times

Public doors. Reel. Elevators. Need to say more?

We always lose them. If you have long hair, you're facing this problem. Save

In those days when the sun feels like it's burning through your soul, or your hangover

You may already have this. If you don't have any phone protection, please think about it

  • Sharp breath, followed by the paz
  • Not playing your phone

    No matter what happens because of the cold weather or the stress of the exams, we all need a good cry, and then

    For those early classes (or later), where you forgot to apply

    If you forgot to brush your teeth (gross, right?) or you need to refresh your breath quickly

    To study, try chewing gum. A study carried out by Cincinnati University found that even with the use of peppermins, you could focus on focusing on a sustainable focus. The smell of the pepper, in particular the menthol, stimulates the area of the brain, which controls memory and mental clarity. It increases your awareness of consciousness and makes you feel more awake so that you can pay more attention. For more information, see

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