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Student Life Network has recently sat down with another successful business leader in the series "Guide to working with the executive management of the SLN". Read to find out what Rob Asimapoulos should have told us about overcoming obstacles

If we fail, we tend to lose perspective. A mistake-be it as a minuscule (minuscule) as a little bit lower than expected, or as critical as if it were placed on an academic probation-team of our attention. A fixed and urgent problem may sometimes be fixated on long periods of negative reflection and even in the case of paralysis. But reflection can also become the basis on which you can reinvent and reinvent yourself. Ask Rob Asemakopoulos

As a somewhat insecure and insecure student, Rob reached a critical point during his tenure. Instead of indulsing a grievance, he kept his eye on the distant distant horizon. The path to this item prompted him to become CIBC's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He came to the bank from General Motors Canada, where he was CEO, marketing and communications. Prior to that, he was a brand manager at Procter & Gamble, the vice president of marketing in Molson-Coors of Canada, as well as the chief marketing manager of the Canadian Football League. Rob graduated from the University of Western Ontario with B.A. Economics. He received a master's degree in business administration at Windsor University, focusing on finance and marketing. The path of Rob far from the straight line is a variable path where there are obstacles, faces, backlights and low.  That's his story

Oh, God. Rob was a kind of insecure, overweight teenager who was in his academic, and played a little of athletic play to play football and hockey

Yes, and no. I generally had good grades, which was inspired by my parents. But we grew up quite modest, and I was a little unsure about that. We were five (in my family) living in a small apartment, and I remember not only the desire to fit into the immigrant family, but also to feel confident that he would have a secure future. I found comfort in my academic and social circles who helped me through middle school

In a way, but at the beginning, I wasn't very good at it

When I went to university, I didn' t enjoy the same success as in school, actually. At first I went to the natural science and biology, which was strength and interest in my early.  But the transition from high school to university was not very good. I had a difficult ethic about losing my passion for my research. This has caused a number of different problems for me, including to become unhealthy, to become a little anti-social and a little insecure. This crisis of conscience led me to take the full course to overestimate my priorities, that I have not heard of the child who was in OSAP

I started to work and reinstall, where I was put into things, and what I was passionate about. At this point, I got a few moments that led me to do things that I found interesting against things that I thought I should have done. I always thought that doing what was interesting to you was a luxury luxury that people are chasing, not people like me. People like me were supposed to do professions like medicine and law because they were safe, and because they didn' t depend on the fact that they created social networks to welcome. The Institute of Medicine and Law would welcome everyone. Things like business were just for those who put

That was weird, wasn't it? From the kind of education I came from, I felt like I was at risk of switching to the economy and other things that I'm interested in. It was a big switch, but the alternative isn't working

I lived with my good friends, who were students who were close allies to me. I also have a close relationship with my extended family and my cousins, who were my rock when I needed support and support

The first thing I did was a very aggressive weight loss mode. I was weighing up to 250 pounds, and it seems to have been at the root of many of my missecurities, which led to my academic problems. It's really compromised me. In time, I lost almost £ 100

Yes, he also helped restore my love to sports. In particular, football. I found that the gateway to mental health was physically healthy. The race has helped a bunch of different things, from increasing physical and mental speed, as well as from excessive consumption of food and drink. Looking back, I've lived the life of a 20-year-old, who would look worse than a 50-year-old.  But, in the face of physical health, I came back to the track that I was feeling great about

Yeah, it's easy. It was a low point, but the possibility

I'd say next year, when I came back, I filled my calendar with the courses I really liked. I studied different languages and actually relied on the economy as a field of study. I can handle the topics I've been genuinely interested and inquisitive. When I was managing myself for the last two years, he confirmed my belief that the choice I made was probably right

I have followed the principle of moving forward, even if you are not sure that this is absolutely the right direction. I think it's really important. When you encounter several obstacles, you do not lower your eye from that moment to the horizon and allow yourself to work with it, even if the path is not in the straight line. You don't give up, you don't turn up, you keep moving forward. Metapically, so I went to things

When it was in the management of my career, I didn' t push any of those transitions. They came naturally. But I didn' t want my growing self-esteem to let me make a decision. That would lead me to questionable career choices. I've never made a decision on the amplitude of glassitude and the fall, when possible, my career and life decisions were made when I decided both feet on the ground

My family and my career track me every morning (sometimes against my will!)

I like to watch my wife experience personal and professional success, and I like to see my three boys become so charming, smart, interesting people

As for CIBC, I am interested in helping our brand become not only the best brand, but one of the best and most respected brands.  Some days appear to be a huge opportunity to do this, and on other days it seems that I do not make any progress. The pursuit of this audacious goal, as well as the opportunities that open daily, make it impossible to do so in every day and every day

I'm trying to find strategies to prepare myself to be a good decision maker. I taught Daniel Goleman and Stephen Covey, who helped people become emotionally intellectual and connected to their internal mechanisms, as a ancestor, I was trying to learn a little bit about child psychology, which has a wider surprising meaning. How I stay in the workplace, just as I am as a parent. As education is a more difficult task than work, in many ways

I'm also constantly preparing for work almost every day. My physical health is a key factor in my mental health and presence, so it's a big priority

Finance and marketing are disciplines that are closely interviewees and evidence is becoming more pronounced, as we can create more sophisticated attribution between marketing and financial activities. The responsibility for the health of the CIBC brand ultimately means the responsibility for providing value to shareholders. Here, at CIBC, brand management is distributed across the matrix organization, so the challenge that I face has a positive impact on a large group of people to constantly draw our brand with the experience and services that we design

In the banking sector (in general) I need to find ways to promote ideas in a simple and understandable way, which clearly demonstrates the contribution of marketing.  This is not a well-understood concept in the banking sector. In fact, in every business that I launched, I had to create a culture in which the impact of marketing is obviously obvious and ultimately profitable

Try to get in touch with what you want to do, and look at the building and the job title. When I took my first job, there were a lot of good things, but I found that the daily work was not so interesting to me.  I quickly realized that I would be happier in a marketing career that was even more passionate about what I had left today

Focus your attention on finding your own point on the horizon and allow your interests to do so. Don't worry about that you're wrong as long as you grow up and move forward

You don't play political games with people who are best in it than you

I appreciate it

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